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25.04.08 A Zune with a view: Microsoft takes on Apple

Microsoft's long-awaited answer to the almighty iPod will be available in Canada this spring. Can the world's largest software company compete with Apple's cultural icon?


16.04.08 The Social Revisited

One day several years back, Microsofties sat around a table -- dress code: business casual -- and said that if Sony could do it (Playstation), they could too (Xbox)

The initial public and press reaction was a resounding "whaa?" But the Xbox, now in its second generation, is a success... at least in consumer perception. Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division is apparently set to break even in fiscal 2008. A minor detail.

One day a couple of years back, the same Microsofties sat around the same table. Where the wall of whiteboards once held vague sketches of the original Xbox, they now had drawings of digital audio players. "If Apple can do it (iPod), we can too." The Zune, now in its second generation, was not such a success. The first device bearing the name was a 30GB player. It was a bit clunky with restrictive format support and an interesting if ill-used WiFi capability. The second generation, however, has grown up... and slimmed down.


12.02.08 Aiming at Apple

Next to the iPod, Microsoft's Zune media player is a decided underdog. Jason Reindorp couldn't be happier about that.

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31.01.08 Microsoft's retooled Zune takes direct aim at the iPod

The Zune portable media player from Microsoft will finally arrive in Canada this spring, providing new competition for iPod.

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06.01.08 Zune, Zune, Zune

More than a year after it made its U.S. debut, Microsoft’s answer to the iPod – the WiFi-enabled media player known as Zune – will finally land on Canadian shelves this spring. Although “finally” might be too strong a word, since I’m not sure how many people are actually on tenterhooks awaiting the Zune’s arrival. For that matter, I have no clue what tenterhooks are.

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